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Elderly Persons
Very many of us, as we become older, become increasingly frail either physically or mentally or both.
As this happens, we become more dependent on those close to us to help.
It is important that we make arrangements before we lose our faculties otherwise our affairs may become more difficult and expensive to maintain.
Before you decide what to do, it is important you have independent legal advice as to your circumstances and then assistance with the preparation of the required documents.
The partners will provide you with a free initial interview of 20 minutes to assess the position and provide initial advice. If you are unable to come to our office and you live reasonably near, a partner will call on you at your home. Contact Andrew Durman to make arrangements. 
Tell us about your needs
Where we are instructed to make a Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney for an elderly person, it is that person who becomes the Client. The same applies to an application to the Office of the Public Guardian to run the affairs of a person lacking the capacity to manage their own affairs.
It is therefore necessary to arrange a free initial meeting between the prospective Client and a partner to assess the position. If appropriate a letter will then be written setting out the discussions and proposals and providing an estimate and other client care information.
If the prospective client lives reasonably near to our office, a home visit can be arranged.
 Probate service
We offer a comprehensive probate service concentrating on non-contentious probate matters and aim to provide helpful and considerate advice at the most difficult of times. Contact us for a no obligation initial interview. Competitive written fees quotations and other client care information available upon request.

Some property considerations
 If you are contemplating downsizing contact us to see how Manchester Durman Estate Agents can sell your home and find another
 Perhaps you could put your main home into the joint names of yourself and your spouse or civil partner to simplify things on your death
 Is your home leasehold? Remember there is a time limit after your death for extending the lease. Ask us whether this is possible and how value is relevant
 You might (subject to tax implications) wish to let your home when you move out so as to keep it for someone. Manchester Durman Estate Agents can help to find a tenant for you.
Click here for information on Lasting Powers of Attorney;   or  click here to email us
Statutory wills
If you find yourself unable to make a will or update an existing will because you are considered to be unable to understand the nature and effect of making or updating a will then it may still be possible for a loved one to apply to the Court to make a will on your behalf. The procedure is rather complex but one of our Solicitors would be happy to see you at a no obligation initial interview to discuss the likelihood of a successful application, and the procedure. We will also give you an idea of the likely costs involved including the  Court fee.